Fairwell Magento

Posted by Will Dobbins on 12/25/2016 to News
When we first started this journey, Twisted Quads needs were pretty simple, and we didn't know exactly where the journey would take us.  As we approach two years in business we were finding shortcomings in our e-commerce solution that we felt made it harder for our customers to find the best values, as well as problems on the back end that took up more of our time than we felt was appropriate.

So the search began and we picked a new platform for our hosting.  This new platform gives us an all-in-one cloud based solution that meets our needs.  With a CRM module built in we no longer need Zendesk (I love Zendesk, but one less place to keep track of things is awesome!) and their built in blogging platform means no more need for Wordpress.  Each of these solutions had a significant overhead to maintain, and that's time that can now be spent focusing on our customers.

We hope for this migration to be smooth, but we understand there's technical challenges with migrating thousands of customers and products from one platform to another!  That said, any migration has it's pains, if you see something wrong, please let me know and I'll handle it quickly!


Will, Andrew & Lisa