FuriousFPV Moskito Prop Guard Upgrade

Posted by Will Dobbins on 2/9/2017 to News
I break shit, it's what I do... so when I got my new FuriousFPV Moskito I was excited to fly it... and sure enough, I broke it...  So I checked my supplier, and the spare prop guards aren't available in the USA yet...  So I check FuriousFPV, only $7... awesome... cart... checkout... $15 shipping... Um... not gonna happen!

So I fly a few more packs, and break even more pieces off the prop guard... and decide it's time to do something about this.  I had a roll of 910 Nylon nice and dry so I swapped toolheads and got to work in Fusion360...


I wanted to keep this simple, functional, strong and light.  I gave it some thought and decided to try without the struts for several reasons.  The struts seem like a weak spot and they would be a PITA to print.  So I mapped out the mount points, drew some circles and printed a prototype... my first go the guards weren't quite centered on the props, but well enough I could test the overall concept and I was quite happy to discover that the print was super sturdy and didn't need the struts!

I adjusted a few wall thicknesses, moved a few pieces around and printed the next revision.  This one fit well enough to fly but still needed a little fine tuning.  The props self cleared after about 60 seconds of flying, and the quad handled nicely.  Bounced it around a fair bit this flight and didn't have any different feel than the stock guards.  One thing I do like is being white the guards are much less intrusive into my view than the bright red.  This of course is a personal thing...

So off to the scale... my guard weighs in at 9g, the stock weighs in at around 6g... so while mine is heavier, it's a lot more sturdy... so if you are looking for a nice durable option to upgrade your Moskito, keep an eye out here!