Good, Better or Best?

Posted by Will Dobbins on 12/25/2016 to Buyers Guides
I'm often asked what hardware to buy for a racer, so I've put together this post and will periodically update it with our current inventory.  This is gear I've used and personally feel is worth the money, it's why it's in our store.  Yes, there are cheaper options than "good", but I don't necessarily feel they are the best inexpensive option.

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This will be a solid flier capable of 3S and 4S, it will be relatively tame on 3S and decently punchy on 4S.  Lots of room to build and tons of 3d printed options for mounting things if needed.  The frame will break in harder crashes but everything is replacable and at $30 a frame you can replace the whole thing before you pay out a better frame.
For the "Better" Option I've upgraded the frame to a 5" Tweaker and added an OSD for voltage monitoring.  The Tweaker is fantastic carbon fiber and extremely well designed.  It's a rock solid frame that would take an epic hit to break.  I Prefer to spend the money up front instead of on repair parts for the ZMR250, in the end they both are solid options.
For best I took the upgraded frame from Better, and upgraded the power train as well.  This will be a machine capable of winning races on 4S but will still fly good for learning - you will need to exercise self control with the throttle though.  More power means you have the juice to get OUT of trouble, but more power also means you have the ability to fly faster than you can control!
FPV System
FPV isn't a place to skimp in my opinion, it's core to the experience and absolutely vital that it be reliable.  As such the Good/Better/Best advice doesn't apply - rather I suggest a single set of FPV gear based on my personal experience and preference.
FPV System - $120-140  depending which VTX you chose.
Why 2 choices for VTX?
The UnifyProHV Race Edition is the best transmitter on the market today, I absolutely love it and it's rock solid - but it's a pain to mount in some builds.  Pro's - Adjustable 25/200mw power,  Pit Mode (no broadcast while changing channels), super light, replacable pigtail.
On the other hand the RMRC Cricket is rock solid as well, it's not quite as full featured but it's still fantastic.  Pro's - Easy to mount, Pit Mode
Transmitters - I can't recommend the Taranis enough for a full featured transmitter.  Or you can grab the TBS Tango and a module for an all in one FPV Receiver/Transmitter that's super easy to setup.  Want to go all in, grab the controller of your choice and throw a TBS Crossfire module in it, 915mhz gives absurd reliability and range.
FPV Goggles are a personal choice, there's a lot out there, I'd suggest coming and checking out what people have before spending money... you can go as low as $100 and the sky is the limit.