Lets Do This!

Posted by Will Dobbins on 1/13/2017 to Buyers Guides
So you were just out [insert venue here] and saw someone(s) racing drones... it was amazing, it looked like crazy fun, and you absolutely have to get setup to join them right now!  You could head over to my good-better-best post and spend some hard earned cash to jump right in... but despite the fact that I benefit from this arrangement, I suggest you slow down!

Wait... what?

Yep, I suggest slowing down, and picking up an inexpensive drone to see if this is something you really want to do!  Before you jump in with both feet and spend the $500-1000 to get up and running in the hobby I recommend dipping a toe.  You'll be better off if you decide the hobby isn't for you, because you'll have less stuff to sell.

Twisted Quads Recommends...

Of course we are going to recommend things we carry, but I'm a big believer in pointing out other options as well.  If you have no remote control experience at all and are truly a newbie, swing by your Local Hobby Shop and pick up a Blade Inductrix FPV Ready to Fly kit.  They run about $200, and work GREAT out of the box.  These are primarily indoor fliers, and have a ready supply of upgrades and repair parts.

The option we offer is a bit more, but gives you a bit more as well.  The TBS Tango is a fantastic FPV/Controller combo, lacking only a radio module to make it a transmitter that will handle all of your quadcopter needs.  Combine this with a TBS X-Racer (FrSky) and FrSky XJT Module for about $440, and you are in the air with a durable, capable brushed quadcopter that can take a beating and be flown LOS or FPV!  Better yet, the Transmitter and Module can be used with future racing drones giving you a fantastic platform to grow with.