RMRC Cricket V2 - 5.8GHz Video Transmitter w/ Race Band - 25mW

RMRC Cricket V2 - 5.8GHz Video Transmitter w/ Race Band - 25mW

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What's New In the Cricket V2

Changing Frequency Band and Channel

  • Single press to change channel
  • Double click to change band
  • Click and hold to enable RF transmission (needs to be clicked and held on each power up to enable the transmitters transmission)

Race Ready

With the Cricket you can easily change out your transmitter or channel at the races without having to cram for space depending on the rules. Of course, the Cricket comes with Race Band (E) so you can race with up to 8 pilots when using alternating Right and Left hand polarized antennas. If you are a club that is looking to buy multiple units, we offer bulk pricing at the bottom of the page. 

High Quality Case

The 600 and 200mW Crickets feature a beautiful, blue anodized aluminum case that is both light weight and durable for the most epic of crashes. All 4 sides of the SMA connector are supported by the case to lessen the chance of damage. Screw tabs and a flat surface makes these units extremely easy to mount. The Cricket also as a small foot print at only 33x24x10mm including the case! For those that need to save weight and don't need the extra power, the 25mW version is available without the case. 


One of our favorite features is the built-in microphone. Now you can stop worrying about adding external mics or relying on your cameras built-in version to give you important audio feedback while racing. This means one less wire that needs to be used and a cleaner wiring harness. 

Stay Legal with all 40 channels

The RMRC Cricket transmitters feature 40* channels that are all legal to use in the USA with an amateur radio license. The same cannot be said for many other 5.8Ghz transmitters being sold that transmit at/above 5925MHz and at/below 5650MHz. The Cricket also includes the "Race Band" that was first pioneered by ImmersionRC. 

On the transmitter, the bands are labeled as A, B, C, D, E. We apologize for the confusion. In order, these are actually channels A, B, E, F, and R as listed in the manual. 
*Note: There are 40 selectable channels on the transmitter but a total of 36 specific frequencies available. Why do we call it a 40 channel transmitter? Because we want to make sure you're aware that we are covering all 5 of the available bands like many other companies are doing. We've just locked out those frequencies (channels) that are illegal to use in the US.

Not just another re-branded product

Although they look similar to other FPV transmitters on the market, we've put some RMRC "special sauce" into the Crickets. Most importantly, the 200mW transmitters will TRULY meet 200mW on most channels. Plus, our 5V output actually holds closer to 5V under load while the others drop to as low as 4.4V based on our testing. 


  • Cricket Transmitter
  • Linear Polarized Whip Antenna (We highly suggest the use of circular polarized antennas)
  • Cable harness for RMRC camera cables and JST female for power. 

Please double check your wires before powering your camera! Not all cameras use the same pin-out. 


  • Model: CRICKET-25/200/600
  • Frequency: 5.8GHz 40 Channel
  • Power Input: 7-20V DC
  • Supply Current: 70-260mA
  • ​Camera Power: 5V (500mA max)
  • ​Connector: SMA Female
  • ​Weight: 13g(200/600) Tx Only
  • Made in China

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