Sony CCD (HS1177) Style Cameras

Posted by Will Dobbins on 1/25/2017 to Technical Documentation
The Sony CCD (HS1177) Style Cameras are one of the best cameras for FPV on the market. They are small, generally durable (some more than others), and widely supported. They also as a rule come with less-than-ideal settings! This article will show you how I run my cameras, I'm not saying this is the best color or clarity, but it's what works for me, for racing. While racing it's not uncommon to be flying into the sun, away from the sun, in clear bright light, and in dark shadows all within seconds of each other. These are the settings I've found to provide the most usable all-around configuration.

Accessing the OSD

The Foxeer HS1177 cameras we sell come with a programming card, simply plug the camera into that pigtail, get the video on a monitor and hold the center button to access the menu. The TBS powercube FPVision brings camera settings to the next level, allowing you to use your sticks to access the same menu setups! No matter how you get there, the menu will generally have the same options... depending on hardware version, they may not all be in the same place, so you may have to dig, but this should get you close!


As far as stuff we sell, this only applies to the TBS QQ190's camera upgrade, but it comes in not-english... move down to the highlighted column and move your left stick to the right to change the language to english.

Once you have everything in english I generally exit to save the settings!

The Settings

  • Exposure > DWDR (ON)
  • Image Adj > Display (LCD)
  • Image Adj > Display > Color Gain (255)
You can play with the other settings til the cows come home, some people care how colorful their grass is... I care that I can see a gate and avoid a tree... these settings are exceptional for my needs.