TBS Unify Pro HV Tray

TBS Unify Pro HV Tray

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Twisted Quads brings you the TBS Unify Pro HV Tray, designed by Chase Johannsen. Not only does the tray give you a place to mount your TBS Unify Pro HV, it gives you a flexible mount for the pigtail which helps reduce damage to your equipment in a crash! Designed to mount firmly to one standoff and use the second for support and alignment the tray fits a wide variety of frames with standoffs spaced ~27-32mm (center to center). It's been tested with the Tweaker, Big Tweaker, Flaco, ZMR250, QAV180 and QAV210 but will fit many more.

  • Securely mounts your TBS Unify Pro HV
  • Flexible crash resistant pitgail mount
  • Easy access to LED's and Button for configuration changes
  • Mount covers U.FL connector to help keep it in place

Note: Due to the various top plates involved you may need to modify your top plate to provide antenna clearance. We have done our best to provide a universal part, but some modifications may be required to make this work.

Made from NinjaFlex Semiflex the mount is virtually indestructable.

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