Lipo LED Sled & Battery Protector Installation

Posted by Will Dobbins on 4/1/2017 to Technical Documentation
The Lipo Protector & LED Holder is installed below the battery between the strap and the battery.  The battery retaining loops make it easy to change batteries while keeping the protector on the lipo strap, and still expose the vast majority of your hook and loop surface for a solid connection.

Sony CCD (HS1177) Style Cameras

Posted by Will Dobbins on 1/25/2017 to Technical Documentation
The Sony CCD (HS1177) Style Cameras are one of the best cameras for FPV on the market.  They are small, generally durable (some more than others), and widely supported.  They also as a rule come with less-than-ideal settings!  This article will show you how I run my cameras, I'm not saying this is the best color or clarity, but it's what works for me, for racing.

CW vs CCW Brushless Motors

Posted by Will Dobbins on 12/23/2016 to Buyers Guides
I'm commonly asked why I don't carry motors that spin in both directions.  This is a common misconception with brushless motors since the standard for multirotors started out with two CW motors and two CCW motors.  The reality is that this doesn't actually apply to any difference in the motors (generally speaking), as brushless motors spin either way happily, and changing that direction is just a matter of switching any two of the three wires, or making a change in your ESC settings.

So why do they exist?  Why don't you carry them?

Because reverse threads stop props from spinning off when you throttle up and down a lot, like multirotors do.  Of course reverse threaded nuts are very hard to find and just add one more thing that you have to keep around.  We made the decision to not carry reverse threaded motors whenever possible, to keep things simple for our customers.

What about active cooling, like the Red Bottoms from EMAX?

Many motors with active cooling work in either direction.  There are some that don't, and if we carry them we'll carry both directions and note this in the product description.