Twisted Quads Team Pilot Program

Posted by Will Dobbins on 3/3/2017 to News
Twisted Quads wouldn't be what we are today without our champions in the community, from the very start we have had loyal customers who help spread our name by word of mouth. In September of 2015 we wanted to recognize that contribution and created our Team Pilot program, adding Skyler and Travis at the start and quickly expanding to include Zach. These midwest pilots proved to be an amazing addition to our team, and we wanted to find a way to give them more.

With 2017's racing season upon us, we wanted to expand our Team Pilot program in a meaningful manner. We are going to expand the size of our Team Pilot program by making it what's known as a contingency program.

What we want?

TQ Team Pilots are our brand champions, we expect you to act as a representative of our company. Interact with your local community, go to races and be a good sport, refer people to our site to get sweet gear, and most importantly have a damn good time doing all of this! There are a few specifics we ask of all our team pilots, but they aren't too hard to meet, and best of all the better you perform, the more you get out of our program!

  • To be eligible for contingency, you must be flying equipment available at Twisted Quads. (See Equipment Table for details)
  • To be eligible for contingency, you must be wearing Twisted Quads Shirts or Hats.
  • Competitors must be members in good standing with the AMA.
  • There must be at least ten (10) competitors registered in any contingency-eligible event to qualify for payments.
  • Competitors must submit contingency request with documentation within 14 days of competition completion to be eligible.
  • Only official eligible winners, determined by the event organizer, will be paid contingency.
  • Contingency will be credited by Twisted Quads gift cards and may not be sold or transferred and has no cash value.

What Documentation?

We can't be at every event, so to receive compensation pilots must document their wins.

Photo Evidence
  • Pilot at event wearing required gear.
  • Photo of Team Pilot Flag (If available and the organizer allows it to be flown.)
  • Photo of required equipment.
Video Evidence
  • Prior to submission of contingency request the pilot will create a video using the Twisted Quads Team Pilot lead in and post it to Youtube and share on Facebook.
  • HD Video is obviously prefered, but we realize winners don't always carry the weight of a GoPro, so DVR footage is suitable.
  • Video must have links to Twisted Quads, cite specific TQ product used for the aircraft, and state that they can be obtained at Twisted Quads.
Link to Event Results
  • Results should show your finish.
  • Results should show overall attendance of the event.
Equipment Table

We realize that there is a very wide range of equipment on the market and we don't carry everything.  As such to be eligible pilots must be flying 4 of 6 of the following categories must be available for purchase through Twisted Quads:
  • Frame
  • Motors
  • ESC
  • Flight Controller
  • Camera
  • Video Transmitter
Contingency Schedule

The bigger the win, the more store credit you earn. Twisted Quads reserves the right to classify any event as we see fit, and if you have questions about an event please contact us prior to submitting your request.

Banner Bonus is a guaranteed payout with the value based on the size of the event. Team pilots may purchase a special 18 foot feather flag with Twisted Quads Team Pilot graphics and pilot handle.  Fly this at events and submit a photo and receive contingency.

Please be aware that the contingency schedule may be altered at any time by Twisted Quads without prior notice.
  • Pilots are limited to one contingency request per 30 days for non-event class races.  Twisted Quads sponsored races are the exception, if we are the title sponsor of an event you are always eligible for contingency.
  • Event Classifications will be made at the sole discrepancy of Twisted Quads.
  • Contingency Prizes for the largest events will be directly related to the prestige of the event.  If you plan to compete at an event of this nature please contact Twisted Quads and we will decide on the value of the win.

How to Apply

If you feel you have what it takes, fill out an application!  We will be reviewing team pilots on a regular basis and adding as we find excellent candidates and have budget to expand the program.  If you don't hear back from us, your application is still under consideration.

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